Tuesday, August 21, 2012

UMNO Youth in Denial

On Monday, UMNO Youth was compelled to lodge a police report on a controversial anti-Christianity poster that was uploaded on a “Pemuda UMNO Malaysia” Facebook page – check out my August 19, 2012 post titled “UMNO Youth’s Scare Tactic’. Interestingly, UMNO Youth claims that although the said Facebook page shares the same name as the movement’s official site, it is “unauthorized.”

I am not clear what this means. Is UMNO Youth saying that this page is a cloned UMNO Youth page? Or that it is an UMNO Youth page but somebody had put up the poster without authorization? If it is the former, since it bears the same name, UMNO Youth will have known of its existence. Not just since Saturday. If it is the latter, and this sounds more logical because if the page does not belong to UMNO Youth, who removed the poster in the first place? And is it not logical to also assume that a “Pemuda UMNO Malaysia” administrator had put it up, whether it is with or without approval?

Anyway, why is UMNO suddenly so embarrassed about this anti-Christianity rhetoric? By making a police report about this allegedly fictitious Facebook page, are Khairy Jamaluddin and gang trying to tell Malaysians that UMNO Youth found the said poster distasteful? Or is it because the poster connecting UMNO to anti-Christianity balderdash is way too obvious? It’s too close for comfort. And it’s too hot to handle. Previously, UMNO-owned media was conveniently used to try to put a wedge between Muslims and Christians but then again, who really believes in the falsehoods preached by the likes of Utusan Malaysia and TV3?

With GE13 around the corner – this nastiness is just devilish trickery to try and stop the inevitable. This nastiness illustrates the untenable situation that UMNO has found itself in. This nastiness tells us that UMNO is in its final death throes.

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