Saturday, August 25, 2012

Section 114A Definitely Stays

A second cabinet minister, Nazri Aziz on Thursday reaffirmed that the Evidence Act amendment stays (The Sun, Malaysia, August 24, 2012, p 01). So Najib didn’t really mean it! He was only putting on a show because Malaysians are still so trusting of him! Kindly read my blogpost titled “Najib Wants to Re-look Section 114A” dated August 15, 2012! Najib is really a dishonest delinquent!

I chanced upon this video clip – actually a charming tutorial on “How to Eat a Watermelon”! I found it intriguing and I thought I will share this with everybody. Tom Willett, a man of many years and great experience, gives us the benefit of his long experimentation and refinement in watermelon-eating techniques. There are some surprises here, but he had me from his first words: "Hello, watermelon students!" Enjoy!

And I took the liberty to add the “videoresponse” which is equally interesting:

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