Saturday, August 18, 2012

PhD from Newport University

I saw this news bulletin in the New Straits Times (August 18, 2012, p 24) that Perlis Menteri Besar Md Isa Sabu defended his PhD that he had supposedly earned in 2002 from Newport University. He had insisted: “I studied hard for it and did not buy my doctorate. It did not come easy.” He further claimed that the said university – renamed Janus University in 2011 – is internationally recognized even though it is not listed under the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

Md Isa’s doctoral qualification had come under public scrutiny because some parties had challenged it. He said on Thursday that he was bewildered why the issue was raised only after 10 years.

This matter came on the heels of the arrest of members of a cheating syndicate who were involved in printing and selling fake Universiti Sains Malaysia scrolls. A check by The Star had revealed that a “full degree package” was priced at RM5,888 and was non-negotiable, with the document delivered within a week.

What makes this really bizarre was that the scammers did not hide the fact that it was an illegal activity that they were indulging in. I also read that more than twenty people bought these bogus certificates from April to June 2012 – this means that they had knowingly bought phony degrees!

Anyway, coming back to Md Isa, of course, he is right! Newport University is internationally recognized – as a degree mill, that is! The for-profit “educational” institution is unaccredited and unrecognised. And if he had to study very hard for his degree, it shows that he is not a bright person to begin with. A degree mill does not expect you to take on serious academic work, so securing a qualification from it is a picnic.

Poor Md Isa! If he refrains from using “Doctor” perhaps he won’t be subjected to public ridicule!

The point is that there will always be people who want the easy way out insofar as getting a degree is concerned. That’s why a degree mill exists. Or worse, a diploma mill.

In these two days (August 17-18, 2012), Money & You Toastmasters Club organized SpeechCraft training for the salespeople at Maha Chemicals Sdn Bhd in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. I was one of five facilitators and I also helped out in the breakout sessions. It is a small world when I met Lai Choo (General Manager, Surface Terchnology), one of the participants because he was once my MBA student at Wawasan Open University. Overall, a fun workshop.

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gigi berantai said...

In relation to this article abouf the Perlis MB's Phd from Newport University, the Mentri Besar is correct in defending his degree fro this university as he studied very hard for it! If this university is not
accreditted or recognized that does not give someone a very ride to look or run down on this university just because that someone is graduated from a recognized or accreditted university.
Let me remind the writer of this article, all the graduate students from the Newport University would put you to shame if you were to compete with them and seriously put your parents to think that all their good money were spent for a vein. You dont condem or look down upon others just because you were graduated from a famous university BECAUSE I COULD EASILY MAKE YOU PEE IN YOUR PANTS IF WE WERE TO CHALLENGE TO TEST OUR COMPETENCE - I'M DAMM SURE BECAUSE I AM A GRADUATE OF NEWPORT UNIVERSITY AND AM PROUD OF IT AND IT DIDNT CAME EASY TO ME AS I HAVE TO STRUGGLE FOR 3 YEARS FOR MY MBA, YOU PISS HEAD!