Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Najib Wants To Re-look at Section 114A

Prime Minister Najib Razak posted in his Twitter microblogging site that he had instructed his Cabinet to discuss “Section 114A” because as he put it (belatedly), we must put the people first! This is Najib playing the popularity game – if he had put the people first, Section 114A would not have been passed by Parliament in the first place! Idiot! It means that he is re-visiting this piece of legislation only because yesterday, much of Malaysian cyberspace blacked out to protest the law. Netizens were really unhappy! I went offline for 24 hours.

My last visit to Pesona Toastmasters Club was on June 20 of this year and I had then promised to come back for a return visit in August. Yesterday, I kept that promise but this time, I brought fourteen other Toastmasters too. Most of them are from Sunway University Toastmasters Club, as well as those from Taylor’s University (i.e. Crispen), Crystal (i.e. Jennifer Pan, Melika Taheri & Mana Par), MidValley (i.e. Timothy Nakayama), Money & You (i.e. Ainsley & J-Son) and Taman Indrahana (Siew Peng).

The Petronas people were really hospitable and we are also very appreciative of the fact that they even arranged for light refreshments (i.e. Subway!) though it is the fasting month. Regretably, the meeting didn’t start on time but I must hasten to add that the club is not to be blamed – it was a security snafu. Still, it was an enjoyable meeting and I would give this meeting a 7.5 out of a 10. Thank you, Rosidah Hardiani and her fellow Toastmasters!

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Suhana Sidik said...

It's our pleasure to have you at Pesona, tq! And tq for bringing the party to PETRONAS twin tower!