Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mahathir Says Sabah RCI Useless

Yesterday, Mahathir Mohamad touched on the Sabah issue again. He told reporters that the Sabah RCI is useless; that the government would be in trouble regardless of the outcome of the RCI. Am I sensing that Mahathir is becoming fearful?

Needless to say, this oral verdict by Mahathir A/L Mohamad Kutty was on the bull’s-eye. The Lingam RCI didn’t really achieve much because the government has persistently refused to press charges. Teoh Beng Hock’s death had gone unpunished despite an RCI. So I do not put too much hope on the Sabah RCI. After all, Najib Razak has been dragging his feet on this matter and besides, the same fate will befall the Sabah RCI – it will be an exercise in futility. In the end, justice will not be served.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Mahathir cannot deny that he had no knowledge of Project IC – the devious plan to legalize and naturalize the hundreds of thousands of Indonesians and Filipinos then because he was the PM as well as Home Minister. Contrast this with when the Vietnamese boat people landed in Malaysia in the late 1970s – not a single Vietnamese was able to escape the round-up. But this was not the case with the Indonesians and Filipinos when they poured into Sabah.

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I was at The Bee (Level G2) at Publika in Solaris Dutamas to watch Comedy Kao Kao on Thursday. This was at Benny Chia’s invitation and I certainly enjoyed the show very much.

I must tell you also that one of the performers made a joke that Lee Chong Wei lost because Rosmah was there – exactly the same reason I speculated in my blogpost (“Lee Chong Wei’s Bad Luck” published August 05, 2012 at this link
). I still maintain that it is not a joke because it is true!

Anyway, some of the photos (thanks to Amy Lim) of the comedians who came on stage:

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