Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is Najib Gunning for Rafizi?

News of Rafizi Ramli being arrested and charged on Wednesday – already reported in my blog yesterday itself – has further fuelled speculation that it was his allegations against the Prime Minister for intervening in the tender process to favour the George Kent consortium in the awarding of the Ampang LRT extension project that actually landed him in hot soup.

The question that begs an answer is how George Kent, a company that specializes in piping and bulk water storage and which only posted RM19.3 million in profit on the back of RM152 million revenue for the year ended Jan 31, 2012 can qualify for this mammoth enterprise that is worth RM1.18 billion ringgit?

I guess the answer is that George Kent is a crony company. George Kent chairperson Tan Kay Hock (above) reportedly shares close ties with PM Najib Abdul Razak because they are “golf buddies”.

Rafizi had already publicly lamented the fact that the powers-that-be had determined that the George Kent-led consortium had already won the project despite being not the lowest bidder, and having not meet the technical requirements to undertake the venture. And Rafizi had been proven right because Syarikat Prasarana Bhd, the state-owned project and asset owner for the LRT deal, announced on Tuesday that this crony company had indeed won the contract for systems works for the Ampang extension undertaking.

There are a lot more funny stuff going on if we care to scrutinize the details reported in the media. I remember reading that George Kent had earlier submitted a bid as a JV partner of George Kent-Wijet-Thales, and that Thales had submitted a bid as a JV partner in three JVs, viz: George Kent-Wijet-Thales, Colas-CMC-Thales and Samsung-LG-Thales. But now the job has been awarded to the George Kent-Lion Pacific JV. So, what is really going on here?

The above proves that Najib doesn’t give damn shit about public opinion. He thinks he is above the law. Besides, he believes his so-called popularity among gullible Malaysians will protect him from other Malaysians’ conviction that he is nothing more than a crook, a cheat and a charlatan.

Najib’s government clearly supports corruption when they strive to stifle any revelations about malfeasance in this sorry country of ours.

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