Sunday, August 12, 2012

Frog No. 3

Pakatan Rakyat welcomed today another senior BN leader into the Sabah opposition front – Senator Maijol Mahap, an UPKO vice-president – in yet another sign that all is not well in this East Malaysian state.

And on the same day, across the South China Sea, UMNO veteran Tamrin Ghafar crossed over to PAS.

Now I really wonder if the frog migration season has started in earnest.

Yesterday morning, I was in Bandar Sunway to attend the Faith Toastmasters meeting. I was fortunate to secure a speaking slot and I delivered my CC # 6 speech titled “Bloodbath” – an intriguing speech that is as multi-layered as your favourite kuih lapis! This was my third speech in six days and I wish to keep the forward momentum as I mentally prepare myself for the club-level Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest. The other speeches were just as interesting and the speakers (particularly Sharif Ahmed and Ng Zheng Lin, also from Sunway University Toastmasters Club) were big on theatrics. And of course, the good speeches were matched by good evaluations – so all in all, it was an enjoyable meeting!

But the club itself needs a serious self-examination because Priscilla Parisa who is the Vice President Education had a challenging time to organize the said meeting. In the end, she managed to pull in three members for this meeting and the rest of the attendees came from other Clubs. Priscilla herself took multiple roles: SAA, Acting President, Toastmaster-of-the-Morning and Assignment Speaker.

My verdict? A 7 out of a 10.

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