Monday, July 23, 2012

Special Branch Revelations

On Thursday, Mohd Sofian Md Makinuddin who claimed to be the Bukit Aman Social Extremist Division chief assistant director E2 (M) delivered a lecture titled “Keselamatan Negara Tanggungjawab Bersama” (National Security A Shared Responsibility) at the National Youth Leaders Convention in the Parliament building and openly revealed that there are Jemaah Islamiah (JI) members and individuals linked to the communist movement who attempted to infiltrate opposition parties and become candidates for the coming general election. Also his allegation that PSM and PKR leaders have headed to Bangkok and southern Thailand to attend secret meetings.

One would have assumed that these astonishing claims were so important – we are talking about national security, right? – that the prime minister and the home minister would have been immediately informed and pre-emptive action promptly taken to neutralize the so-called threat(s). As usual, Najib Razak maintained his famed silence and Hishammuddin Hussein, the dim-witted Home Minister claimed ignorance. How on earth do we end up with nincompoops like Mohd Sofian, Najib and Hishammuddin?

I also read somewhere that Mohd Sofian had even told the press that he had given some 300 talks exposing the security risks represented by Pakatan Rakyat parties which he accused of being “anti-government”! He sure has shown himself to be a blabbermouth, an untrustworthy one at that! Is he for real?

All I can deduce is that these stories sound fishy. They do not make sense at all. I suspect they are part of a scaremongering tactic that is nothing more than a sinister plot that tells of political desperation and fearful expediency. Just put JI and PAS together to spook Chinese voters and then group the DAP and communists to alarm the Malays – this malignant combination will surely scare both the Chinese and the Malays from supporting PR. And that is the purpose, isn’t it?

The police may have detected terrorists and communists but Malaysians are detecting thieves and traitors in the governing party.

By the way, Mohd Sofian's disclosures make for a good movie plot. Quick, somebody call Hollywood! Better still, Bollywood so we can also do a song-and-dance about it!

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Patrick said...

Those 'nincompoops' happen to be from the same family. That's why they react the same way. But as you so rightly put it, these allegations are targeted at specific demographic audience only.

The more these kind of Hitler-risque propaganda hits the mainstream news, the more idiotic BN sounds AND looks. As LGE so correctly pointed out some time ago, KJ should have been arrested for openly courting, tying up and promoting the Communist Youth League of China, with UMNO Youth. So actually, UMNO is already infiltrated by communists, led by their Youth leader, KJ. Also, BN is doing business with communist by BUYING GE 13 election materials from communist China. So Sofian is correct that the communist has already infiltrated our national govt in UMNO or else why would UMNO want to support a communist regime by doing business with them??