Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life in the City

I read in Xinhua Online News on Friday morning that it was only the day before that the death toll was updated. The rains that speared Beijing on July 21, 2012 took 77 lives, most of the bodies were found in suburban districts, including 38 bodies that were recovered in the hardest-hit Fangshan district. I captured two photos of the floods that were shown on telly:

I also read that on Wednesday, the day I arrived in Beijing, heavy rain was forecasted. But it didn’t materialize – there was only some light drizzle in the afternoon and a brief seven-minute shower in the evening – but rains did pummel the neighboring city of Tianjin, flooding many downtown streets and vehicles.

Anyway, I was glad I did not experience drenching wet weather during my stay in the capital city. More photos taken of Beijing:

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