Monday, July 30, 2012

Leaving Beijing

I departed from Beijing early Saturday morning to catch my MH371 flight back to KL. I again used the subway and the train to get to the airport. I must admit that I have enjoyed Beijing even if it was a brief trip. My last visit to this city was more than thirteen years ago and since then, Beijing has transformed. Sure there are the modern edifices that dot the city but they seem to co-exist well with the old buildings and further lending character to the city. Beijing rocks!

And let's talk about MAS. My experience with this airline was okay but I could not help but notice that cabin service was not what it used to be. Even the food that was served on board was uninspiring. I guess with MAS losing money, the airline is really cutting down on everything. Maybe, the next time I travel, I should consider other airlines?

And coming back to Malaysia means I have a pile of exam scripts (i.e. BMB2203 Entrepreneurship) to second-mark, not to mention, the assortment of assignments to go through. All to complete by Friday. So what's new?

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