Friday, July 20, 2012

British Universities for Getting a Job

I read with interest that UK’s The Telegraph had featured the top ten universities by graduate employment, UK universities, that is (Webpage, published July 19, 2012). [The universities in this list have been ranked using data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency – the same database used by The Telegraph's University and Course Finder]. Given the depressing economic climate in the UK at present, it is reassuring to note that there are universities that are providing tertiary courses that are relevant to their graduating students in a strapped job market.

For a start, 5 of the ten universities are in Scotland, attesting to the quality of Scottish higher education (i.e. No. 1 is Robert Gordon University, No. 4 is University of Glasgow, No. 7 is University of Aberdeen, No. 9 is Edinburgh Napier University and No. 10 is University of Edinburgh). And SUBS students may be charmed to know that Lancaster University sits in position No 5.

Yesterday, we had our sixth Sunway University Toastmasters meeting, and with the final exams nearly over, we saw a marked improvement in the attendance. Thirty-one of us came and the classroom designated as NE3-4 serving as our venue for the meeting overflowed with eager, enthusiastic and earnest members and guests. There were five project speeches and without a doubt, these were of good quality. The evaluations that accompanied them were similarly educational, enlightening and enriching. What more can I ask for? Definitely an 8 out of a 10.

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