Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Verdict on Mubarak

Disgraced former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his interior minister, Habib el-Adly, were found guilty Saturday of complicity in the killing of more than 800 protestors during the popular uprising in the country last year. They were sentenced to life in prison.

Judge Ahmed Refaat spoke of the Mubarak era as "30 years of darkness" and praised what he called "the sons of the nation who rose up peacefully for freedom and justice". Announcing the verdicts, the judge then said Mubarak and Adly had failed to stop security forces using deadly force against unarmed demonstrators.

Mubarak (above), in sunglasses, lying on a hospital gurney inside the same courtroom cage in which he appeared when the trial began last August, showed little emotion as the court ruling was read. He was then quickly flown to the indignity of Tora Prison. There he will reside in the hospital of the prison in which so many of the enemies of his regime were sentenced.

It is an irony that on the same day too, Najib Razak defiantly declared that his government will quash any threat to public order. Are you threatening Malaysians again, Najib? Is this another sign of desperation? After what happened to Hosni Mubarak, be afraid, Najib, be very afraid!

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