Sunday, June 24, 2012

Protest at Lynas Doorstep

The 300-plus protestors grew in numbers as the hours went by and by Sunday morning, close to a thousand people had assembled at Balok beach. Despite the road blocks, the protesters did manage to reach the Gebeng Industrial Estate. Among the high-profile protesters at Gebeng were Pak Samad, Hishamuddin Rais, Mat Sabu, Beserah ADUN Syed Mohammed and Triang ADUN Leong Ngah Ngah.

The “Occupy Balok-Gebeng” protest was supposed to culminate with the group gathering in front of the Lynas plant in Gebeng – well, at least, they tried to. In the end, police lines forced them to assemble at the main entrance to the industrial park. By then, there were about two thousand protestors at the scene. Still the rally was peaceful because the police behaved. This is not likely to be the end and more protests are expected.

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