Saturday, June 2, 2012

Najib's Losing Support Post-Bersih

Najib Razak’s approval rating showed a marked decline among Indian and Chinese voters, just weeks after a tumultuous Bersih 3.0 rally.

A Merdeka Center Survey, carried out between May 10 and 18, found that the satisfaction level of Indian voters with Najib as prime minister registered an eight point drop from February this year to 72 percent. His Chinese support fared even worse. Najib surrendered 19 points from 56 percent in February to only 37 percent.

The only consolation for Najib is that Malay voter support remained strong – it actually experienced a five-point increase, from 74 percent in February to 79 percent in May this year. I am not sure who were the Malays polled – the sample size was 1,019 registered voters, of which 59 percent Malay, 32 percent Chinese and 9 percent Indian – but at a personal level, I found that many of the Malays I have spoken to, were generally, not pro-Najib. Granted this random survey of mine is not really representative but I certainly cannot believe that any Malaysian, irrespective of race or religion or even political affiliation would be so stupid as to support Najib! And if there are Malaysians who persist in asking “why” – then obviously, they must have just returned from exile in Mars!

This sentence pretty much sums up Najib: “The PM is an opportunisitic, power hungry egomaniac who will do anything to hold onto power.” (An excerpt from an engaging Mariam Mokhtar piece dated May 28, 2012 at webpage
). Hear, hear!! I definitely concur with these sentiments which have been written about Najib Razak. For sure, he will not get my vote in GE13. In fact, I have lost count of the generous cash handouts (read, taxpayers’ money) that Najib has disbursed to the public – this is blatant vote-buying – that he hopes will enable him to stay in power in Putrajaya.

Last evening, David Chong organized a dinner with the SUBS Student Concilium at The Lunch Box, Bandar Sunway. There were twelve of us from SUBS who went. I think it is great that we have these little get-togethers from time to time; they break down barriers between staff and student reps. After all, the latter are representing our Sunway University Business School student body.

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