Monday, June 18, 2012

Muhyiddin Conjures Formula

My apologies! I missed this news – yup, Muhyiddin Yassin did back-pedal on the federal government's decision not to review the status quo on Chinese independent schools insofar as the construction of new schools is concerned.

In Penang on Saturday, Malaysiakini reported that Muhyiddin had mentioned about a formula (to resolve the issue) and that he will inform the people about it later. He didn’t explain what it was though but that was probably because he was clueless. I guess the heat from his previous pig-headed stand was too hot to handle and so his U-turn. He knew he had to come up with something to appease the angry Chinese but he didn’t know yet what he intended to do. When he announced he had a formula, that was it – an announcement that was bereft of details. Pray tell me, what was the point?

Muhyiddin also said there was no point in blaming the MCA or himself, or politicize the issue extensively. Of course not lah – it will just make all of them look even more stupid! In any case, the so-called formula is to score political points – and not because he had a change of heart or that he had the interests of Malaysian Chinese at heart.

Who knows when he will reveal the formula? After the elections, perhaps? Then, he may just make another U-turn. Can Malaysians really trust this man?

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