Saturday, June 23, 2012

Khaled Nordin Insists Lynas is Safe

Did you know that it was Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin who approved the suspension of study loans to Selangor recipients on the grounds that it would test the Pakatan Rakyat government's ability to deliver on the coalition's pledge of free university education for qualified students? Needless to say, he was stupidly backed by Muhyiddin Yassin.

Anyway, he is also the paliamentary select committee chairperson on the controversial Lynas project. He even showed his idiocy when he called Lynas “the safest rare earth plant in the world”. This remark was made even before the PSC report – which affirmed that “scientific facts” showed Lynas is safe – was tabled to Parliament on Tuesday, where it was subsequently adopted. [For your info, the TOL was originally approved in February but it was put on hold due to strident opposition from local residents. Check out my blog post dated February 02, 2012 titled “Lynas Obtains TOL”].

I tried to read up on the so-called scientific facts. There’s a lot of stuff that confuses but I don’t think I am wrong to state here that there is a lack of scientific consensus. Therefore, no one can really say that Lynas is safe or not safe. So, if we cannot be absolutely sure Lynas is 100% safe, why should Malaysians be put at risk?

Doesn’t this confirm our suspicions that the said committee was designed to “whitewash” the issue and legitimize Lynas? So when Najib Razak said on March 17 that the government would not be bound by the panel’s findings, having described it only as an "engagement process" to convince the public of its claimed safety – doesn’t this show that Najib wasn’t sincere when he made that comment? Or is this yet another example of Najib’s famous flip-flop?

What the above means that Lynas has cleared probably the final major hurdle to getting its TOL. This exposes the government’s abject failure to listen to the people’s concerns. But then, should we be surprised? Vested interests are at stake – there is no way the government can give up this project!

And I am waiting for Khaled to move his family to Gebeng. But I shall not hold my breath because he is UMNO. Since when can the people trust UMNO?

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