Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Football-crazy Ants

An unusual setting for a football match. Thanks to one very skillful – and patient – Russian photographer, Andrey Pavlov captured photos of ants playing on a leaf with a straw for a goal – all in perfect detail by using a special macro lens. From a superb stop by the goalkeeper to celebrating a winning goal, Pavlov spent hours setting up these intricate scenes. It may not be quite up to Euro 2012 standards but the ants’ antics are bound to arrest your attention anyway.

And certainly, even England is not up to standard because they bowed out of Euro 2012 yesterday when they lost in the penalty shoot-out after a one-sided quarterfinal against Italy finished 0-0 following extra-time. Roy Hodgson nearly killed Liverpool, what makes the English FA think he will do differently with England?

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