Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Confirmation on Crime Surge

Didn’t I say that crime has risen? It was only last Saturday that I blogged about this matter of escalating crime. Now even the government has unwittingly confirmed this as a fact. A written response to Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua – which he said was delayed by three months from the March parliamentary session – has authenticated the widespread belief that crime is rampant; that in Selangor alone, crime has gone up by nearly 12 percent from 2010 to 2011 (Webpage, published June 19, 2012).

And to add to our sense of alarm, violent crime too shot up from 7,853 cases in 2010 to 8,141 cases last year. This is on top of the fact that our neighborhoods have already been largely turned into security encampments with barricades, boom-gates, CCCTVs and guards established by private residents themselves and at their own expense.

Doesn’t this show the efforts to reduce crime under the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) to be a big-time flop? Won’t this make the Government Transformation Plan (GTP) which singles out the Klang Valley as a priority for crime reduction a travesty? Haven’t the government been lying to us all this while, saying that crime levels have dipped when actually, they are on the uptrend?

Who has been talking cock all this while?

I was at the Friendship Toastmasterrs meeting yesterday, and I had the unenviable task of evaluating a soft-spoken Toastmaster who delivered CC speech # 10. I had heard her speak before and I was glad to note that she has made strides. She spoke well and yes, she did inspire. In fact, I enjoyed the whole proceeding and I can agree that three out of the four speeches were good. Of course the evaluations were even better and I can pat myself on the back for being voted the Best Evaluator.

Time management was horrendously poor and again, a role player got carried away. The blame should be laid at the feet of the Table Topics Master because he took twenty-nine minutes instead of the scheduled fifteen minutes. The Humor Master also doubled his stage time, i.e. 6 minutes as opposed to the 3 minutes he was originally given. I would score this meeting a 4 out of a 10.

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