Friday, June 1, 2012

A Case of Treason

French lawyer Joseph Breham, who is acting on behalf of Suaram has made a startling disclosure that a highly-classified document on the Malaysian Navy’s evaluation of the Scorpene submarines it planned to buy was allegedly sold by Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd to French defence company DCNS for €36 million (RM142 million).Two of the Terasasi directors are Najib Razak's close ally Abdul Razak Baginda and his father Abdul Malim Baginda.

Breham said that in France “selling” highly-classified papers to another country is a breach of defence secrets and illegal and considered to be treason.

“It’s treason because you are selling a competitor or a foreign country what you think about a specific weapon, and your plan on how to use this specific weapon.

“In France, if you release them, you can be punished up to 10 years’ jail,” he said.

Malaysia paid RM6.7 billion in 2009 for the two submarines of which RM574 million was earmarked for co-ordination and support services for Perimekar Sdn Bhd, owned by Abdul Razak. He is now being sought as a witness in the French case. But I am really waiting for the realization of that possibility that Najib Razak and Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi being issued an international warrant of arrest if they fail to adhere to French subpoenas to assist in the Scorpene submarine corruption inquiry.

Last evening, I was again at an IEM Toastmasters meeting. Happily, attendance was respectable. Speeches and evaluations were adequate. Two of the speakers also became evaluators – I am not sure why there is a need to resort to this when there were adequate participants. As an aside, it is nice to know that Indrahanians Chan Siew Peng (she took on a dual role as speaker and evaluator) and Roslyn Fam (she took part in the Table Topics) are showing good progress as Toastmasters. By the way, this meeting scored a 5 out of a 10.

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