Monday, June 25, 2012

The Bersih Marathon

On Sunday, the annual Standard Chartered KL Marathon saw 28,000 runners taking part. Those who had Bersih tendencies found a novel way to advocate Bersih and even enter Dataran Merdeka, without attracting undue attention from the authorities and at the same time, making a point. The iconic square acted as the finish line for the race, Bersih supporters dubbed, the Let’s Bersih the Marathon Kuala Lumpur 2012 event. Now that’s a brilliant idea, if I may say so! The idea was conceived by runners who supported Bersih and wanted to run with the movement's color and name. According to one of the organizers, Julie Wong, five hundred yellow bibs which read "I run for Bersih 2.0" were distributed to runners. Then it was publicized through Facebook.

“We couldn’t get into Dataran Merdeka (on April 28) but in Malaysia’s largest marathon, we can!” read the group’s Facebook event page.

And just as the Occupy Balok-Gebeng protest took place on the east coast, there was a small show of solidarity at Dataran Merdeka. Check out the photos:

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