Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beer Fest at GAB

S Ambiga and others have filed a counter claim over the government’s suit against them for damages incurred during the April 28 rally. The six members of the Bersih steering committee – Ambiga, Maria Chin Abdullah, Zaid Kamarudin, K Arumugam, S Arul Prakkash and Andrew Khoo – are seeking a declaration that the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 is unconstitutional.

In her statement of defense, Ambiga stated that the said Act was inconsistent with her right to freedom of speech and expression, right to assemble peacefully, and right to take part in an association under the constitution.

Less than two hours after I blogged about 'Frozen Beer Froth' yesterday, I was at the GAB brewery to attend the MIAA Get-together – an annual event that is not to be missed – where I quenched my big thirst. I was mostly gulping down Heineken but in between, I was swigging Strongbow as well as swilling Paulaner.

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