Monday, April 9, 2012

Hasan Ali Screens Videos

A Muslim man claiming to be a former apostate who has since returned to Islam had alleged last Monday his Christian group leaders masqueraded as ustaz to approach Muslims to convert them.

The witness, Ramli Abdullah (not his real name), says this in a highly-anticipated video released by Gombak Setia assemblyperson Hasan Ali (left), which the latter claims is evidence of organized proselytising of Muslims in Malaysia. Muslims here are a very insecure and fearful lot – therefore, spreading other religions to Muslims is an offence under the Federal Constitution as well as the state constitution. Yet if we are to believe Hasan Ali, then the Christians who form only 9.2 percent of Malaysia’s 28.3 million population are exercising a disproportionate amount of power and influence over the rest of the citizenry! This in itself would be a preposterous supposiiton that is both incredible and fantastic!

Ramli says in the 42-minute recording that these people, some of whom were ‘orang putih’ (Caucasians), would wear ketayap (turbans) and jubah (robes) and go to mosques in an attempt to get close to Muslims.

“That is how they slowly infiltrate. When they first approach Muslims, they do not use the Bible but they use the Quran... this is called the cameo method,” claimed Ramli, who had previously worked with the organization after being converted.

The video interview featuring Ramli, 47, and his wife, Zakiah Musa, 42 (not her real name), was screened to journalists at Hasan's residence in Kuala Lumpur on April 02, 2012.

Journalists were not provided with copies, or allowed to record the screening. Both Ramli and his wife, whose faces were pixelated and voices altered, said they have since returned to Islam after being counselled by Hasan’s anti-proselytisation movement Unit Selamatkan Akidah (USA). It appeared to have been recorded at Hasan's house, for the same sofa and curtains were seen in the recording.

Ramli had said that throughout his experience with the organization, he said, he had met between 300 and 400 Muslims who had converted to Christianity

Even more rewarding, he was offered a permanent job with the organization (supposedly Harapan Komuniti, which Ramli claimed had called itself a non-faith-based NGO), which he took up from 2004 to 2007 and was given a car and accommodation in a house in Kelana Jaya, on top of "support" of between RM2,000 and RM5,000 a month.

Ramli's revelation was one of two videos screened to journalists. Another was a 16-minute edited version of the revelation and presented in a documentary format.

Aside from snippets from the interview, the documentary format also featured Hasan’s take on the issue of Christian proselytizing and a scene of him guiding an alleged apostate to recite the Syahadah in order to re-embrace Islam.

Hasan said he has a third video, which is a complete 90-minute uncut version of the same interview that he said he might submit to the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) or the Selangor palace for investigation.

I say put things in the proper perspective. Even if the stories are true and which I very much doubt – three “apostates” do not constitute a reliable and valid sample. The fact of the matter is that Hasan had drawn conclusions based on a mere sample of three. [On the other hand, I can also say that Hasan developed a hypothesis – part of his political agenda – and then conveniently located three “Muslims-turned-Christians” to support his contention].

I smell mischief. I question the legitimacy of Hasan’s wild stories of mass proselytization of Muslims because so far, there is no solid evidence to support his claim. Even the interviews he conducted are questionable – their accuracy may have been compromised by any one of these factors – response bias, deliberate falsification and/or unconscious misrepresentation.

Sure Hasan has a PhD but if he accepts these “interviews” – assuming they were not staged – as evidence of a duplicitous Christian practice to extinguish Malaysian Muslims’ aqidah (belief), then I am sceptical of his doctorate because he knows nothing about doing proper research. Perhaps his PhD really stands for “permanent head damage”!

Let’s see Hasan Ali as what he is – a failed politician who needs a stage to showcase his comedy of self-delusion. He craves the attention and even adulation of a mindless audience because without them, he knows he is reduced to being a nobody! I shall offer him a piece of advice – join UMNO; he will be well-accepted. It is true that birds of a feather flock together.

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