Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shady Sharks in Kazakhstan

Not only has the NFC can of worms been unearthed but worm after worm is escaping! The Malaysian Insider yesterday reported that commercial crimes police are investigating the NFCorp’s purchase of a RM1.7 million apartment in Kazakhstan for use as an office. It is understood that the property, which is located in the southern city of Almaty, was bought in September last year, after the company inked a deal in June 2011 with the Jambyl district of Kazakhstan to raise cattle for export to Malaysia. Gee, the NFC can't even raise enough cattle here in Malaysia, yet they have this ambition to want to help the Kazakh government do the same. Gimme a break! Come to think of it, I cannot believe that the Kazakhs could be so daft (I am trying to be polite here, having recognized the need for diplomacy since I am referring to another sovereign country and so, I must refrain from using words like "cockamamy", "unintelligent" and "idiotic"!) so as to be taken in by these unscrupulous Malaysians. I suppose when they managed to ensconce themselves in the government through Shahrizat Jalil and others, even shady sharks can look respectably reputable.

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This deal was one of five signed between Putrajaya and Astana. In addition to this cattle-rearing accord, Malaysia has also pledged to invest in an Islamic bank, oil and gas exploration by state oil company Petronas, energy generation as well as the construction of a hotel.

Anyway, a high-ranking source in the commercial crimes department told The Malaysian Insider police were attempting to obtain more details about the apartment, which was registered to NFCorp. The infuriating Shahrizat family is really going out of control!

Last evening I was in Bukit Jalil to attend the AFC Toastmasters meeting – and it was a real letdown. Time-management was noticeably absent. The meeting commenced 15 minutes late. By the time, we reached the Table Topics segment, we were twenty minutes behind schedule. And when we resumed the meeting after the Break, we were already astray by 39 minutes! Fortunately, I cut down my evaluation time – I was the Table Topics Evaluator – from ten minutes to 3 minutes and the General Evaluator hurried everybody along so that when the meeting finally ended, we were off the mark by twenty-four minutes. I wish newbies, when given meeting roles, can be properly and correctly briefed – please don’t just throw them into the deep end. I wish Grace Tan was there last night – she would have given her members a stinging piece of her razor-sharp mind! I would rate this meeting a 2 out of a 10.

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