Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birds of a Feather

I am going to blog about Gani Patail again. The Attorney-General is really knee-deep in shit. Another allegation made against him pertains to his relationship with Ho Hup’s former managing director, Vincent Lye. Gani used his prosecutorial powers to help his corporate friend (i.e. Lye) to overthrow his adversary, Low Tuck Choy. The latter was charged in court for a very minor technical offence in order to tilt the balance in Lye’s favour. Unfortunately for Lye, the minority shareholders ganged up on him and booted him out during an EGM.

Photo of Gani Patail with Vincent Lye at the Ho Hup Bhd office.
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After that, Ho Hup’s auditors discovered that Gani’s assistance to Lye went beyond just friendship. Vincent Lye had also bribed Gani Patail. Lye was caught out because he was a cheapskate – he used Ho Hup’s funds to pay for the RM18,000 renovation job for Gani’s second wife's bungalow in Seremban.

Alleged copies of the invoices and cheques were used to back the claim. Gani has since denied the allegation and said he does not own properties in Seremban. Mere denial doesn’t amount to anything – MACC should still investigate.

Looking at the current scenario in Malaysia, I can bet that Gani is safe. Nobody will dare touch him, not even MACC. Gani will continue to serve and like all crooks in high places, he will retire a very rich man. This is a sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

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