Monday, February 27, 2012


Google is on the verge of launching a pair of futuristic glasses that would deliver all the services of a smartphone straight to the wearer’s eye – at least according to this report in UK’s Mail Online on February 24, 2012.

Featuring a miniature display on one lens, the hi-tech specs allow users to surf the internet or deal with text messages and emails without lifting a finger.

The screen is controlled with a ‘mouse’ which is moved simply by tilting your head. And should you still wish to actually talk to someone, it is believed the glasses will let you make calls using an in-built microphone.

There has been suggestions that the device, which would revolutionize the smartphone market, could be available by the end of this year costing less than £380 – making it cheaper than Apple’s iPhone.

Users would also be able to see through the lenses as normal and go about their daily business, then with a flick of the head activate the display and start surfing.

The glasses would use the same Google operating system that powers Android smartphones and tablets and would connect to the internet through 3G or next-generation 4G mobile networks.

They would also be equipped with GPS mapping technology and motion sensors, as well as a camera. It brings the prospect that wearers could be given information instantly on the buildings they are looking at, on nearby landmarks or friends who are in the area.

But the devices will also bring new potential for advertisers to reach users in ever more personal situations, such as in a lift, a restaurant or relaxing on their sofa.

Google declined to comment.

Apple is also thought to be developing pioneering technology, such as smartphones that can be worn as watches or sewn into clothing.

Maybe, one day, who knows, we might even see a microchip that will replace my brain!

Liverpool won its first silverware in six years Sunday, beating second-tier Cardiff 3-2 in a penalty shootout to capture the League Cup at Wembley. The score was 1-1 after 90 minutes and 2-2 after extra time. Although the Reds started the game in attack mode, it was the other team who struck first through Joe Mason in the 18th minute and Liverpool only levelling the score through Martin Skrtel in the 60th minute. Reds substitute Dirk Kuyt fired his team 2-1 ahead after 108 minutes but Cardiff snatched the equalizer when centre-half Ben Turner jabbed home from close range with just two minutes remaining. In the penalty shootout, Kuyt, Stewart Downing and Glen Johnson all found the net and for the other side, it was Don Cowie and Peter Whittingham who contributed the two goals.

It was a nail-biting finish but as Kenny Daglish said, "It's not a nice way to win a cup but we'll take it".

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