Sunday, February 26, 2012

SMK Subang Utama

The MidValley Toastmasters Club organized a Youth Leadership Program for Subang Jaya’s SMK Subang Utama (February 24-26, 2012). I was asked to help and so I presented “Organize Your Speech” and “Elements of a Good Speech” and even took up the lead mentor role for one of four groups of students. I was absent on Saturday but returned on Sunday to be one of four judges for the speech contest.

I must say I was in awe with this enthusiastic group of exuberant students because they were determined to learn. More than that, they demonstrated a caring attitude towards one another and even went so far as to encourage fellow speakers who faltered, floundered and stumbled. Having listened to them on the first day when they did their ice-breaker speeches and then returned on the third day when they delivered their contest speeches, I marveled at their transformation. All twenty-four of them had become good speakers! I say ‘good’ because they are non-Toastmasters and yet over two days, they learnt and learnt well. They had an advantage though – their English proficiency is impressive! It is comforting to know that there are still Malaysians who do speak good English!

I am putting up their individual photos because I believe every one of them did well! Sure there were the winners – and I don’t mean to devalue their victories – but the truth of the matter is that everybody is a winner! Honest! That explains why I didn’t take photos of the title-holders. I am very privileged to have known these students because they are real gems! They did their school proud and they did themselves proud too!

Congratulations also to club president Ang Chee Yong for being the dedicated driver of this Toastmasters project – you did a great job!

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