Friday, February 24, 2012

NFC Probe Papers Returned

Yesterday morning I was at The Curve to meet up with my intern’s workplace supervisors (i.e. Farah Suhaily and Sheila Ann) at Chaswood Resources – the company that has TGI Friday, Laundry, The Apartment, Italiannies, Teh Tarik Place, etc under its belt. They gave the thumbs-up to Gorata Onamile (my intern). This made me gush with pride because I knew she had given her best – I was happy to note that she was able to fully immerse herself in a work environment that can be best described as challenging, especially for an international student. In fact, it was related to us (colleagues Elizabeth and Derek and I) that Gorata came to work one day determined to fulfill her “obligations” even though she was unwell and she had to be pushed to go home to rest soon after. This speaks well of her work attitude, her diligence and her sense of duty. [By the way, Derek came to check on his intern, Pamela Sasara Bolelang at the same workplace. And Elizabeth was kind enough to drive us!].

In the afternoon, I was at Bandar Utama to visit my interns, Evelyn Lum and Ng Zhi Sum – who are attached to KPMG – as well as to meet up with the latter’s supervisor, Nicholas Chen Kwok Wei. [Evelyn’s supervisor couldn’t avail herself at the very last minute because she had a pressing deadline to meet]. It was good to know Evelyn is coping well although Zhi Sum is feeling the stress somewhat.

And in the evening, my Toastmastering passion took me to Wisma Mont’ Kiara to attend the Ireka Toastmasters Club meeting. I was really glad I went because it was a fabulous meeting and everyone was very much energized. I took up the role of the General Evaluator and even though the meeting started ten minutes late – for once, I didn’t care at all! This shows how much I have really enjoyed this meeting. And I hope to come back again. An 8 out of a 10.

This morning, The Sun newspaper again front-paged news pertaining to the NFC scandal with the headline “Probe papers returned”. MACC may have just completed its probe into this flagrant hanky-panky but even the Attorney-General wasn’t completely satisfied and the investigations papers had to be sent back for more information. Doesn't this provide further evidence that the MACC is hopelessly inept?

I don’t understand one thing though! The same news report mentioned that the A-G is deciding whether Shahrizat Jalil was involved in approving the RM250 million soft loan to the NFCorp – but that is just one issue. The other is about her family members who have defrauded taxpayers’ funds to recklessly promote their extravagant lifestyles. Or is the A-G conveniently forgetting this?

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