Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Dark

Last evening I was at Shah’s Village Hotel to attend the MIMPJ Toastmasters meeting. I was roped in to be the Table Topics Evaluator – in fact the Table Topics session was the ‘only’ highlight of the evening as the topics were interesting and the five speakers (including one guest who's a non-Toastmaster) did a marvelous job speaking off the cuff. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the project speeches though. I think, maybe I should learn to be less honest? Anyway, the meeting started six minutes late. A 5 out of a 10.

This morning, The Sun blared the headline “Directors in the dark” on its front page – referring to the fact that three government representatives who sit on the NFCorp board were not consulted or told about the purchase of the condos (and other so-called investments) – for your info, at last count, it was 5 units! The paper also identified these “in the dark” people as Alias Mohd Yassin (Agriculture Ministry), Manaf Hussein (Finance Ministry) and Mat Ali Hassan (Negeri Sembilan state secretary) – and they’ve been paid directors’ and meeting allowances of RM700 each month. So they really didn’t know? Incredulous! What kind of directors are they? When the issues were brought to the public attention, didn’t they also raise them at board meetings? They remind me of the three wise monkeys who “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”!

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