Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Idolatrous Act

Nazri Aziz came out with a statement yesterday that NFCorp had indeed erred when using the RM250 million meant for cattle farming. “The loan was given just for that. If you use the money for something else, you don’t need to be a lawyer to see that there is a breach of trust, it’s so simple,” he explained.

On the same day itself, Agriculture and agro-based industry minister Noh Omar insisted that he did not know if NFCorp had breached loan conditions. All that he could burst out with was the very intelligent “I don’t know. I don’t know…”

Big-mouth Nazri has been busy volleying words on an almost daily basis. He likes to think he is one smart dude. In reality, he harbours this overlarge idea of his own self-importance. In Noh’s case, he wants to act dumb. Actually, he doesn’t need to because he is already dumb!

Didn’t I say that Najib Razak is desperate so much so that he was willing to forfeit his faith by attending Thaipusam again this year? Scoring points for Islam is not as important as scoring points with the Hindus because Najib wants to win GE13 at all costs!

The Ulama Association of Malaysia (PUM) has urged Muslims to stay away from non-Muslims religious festivals. PUM noted that guidelines set out by the National Fatwa Council on April 12, 2005 stated that Muslims cannot attend events which incorporate ceremonies that go against the teachings of Islam. So this exhortation is clear – but Najib still went ahead! This is an idolatrous act but is Najib concerned about this? HECK, NO! Maybe, he is special – he’s, after all, the prime minister, he can do what he likes! Besides, what can the ulama do about it, eh?

And for those not familiar with Malaysia – we have two sets of rules in this country; one for the ordinary folks and the other for the elites.

Yesterday, I was the Chief Judge at the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters club contests. We had a total of eight participants for the two contests and all the speeches were pretty good. I don’t know if I am saying too much but it was a close finish. Still, the champions for the International Speech and Table Topics were Alice Ong and Devi Menon respectively – and they will represent the club at the Area-level contests in March.

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