Friday, February 17, 2012

Get Rid of UMNO

UMNO wants to rally the Malays under their banner in order to draw strength from them because they have the upper hand in terms of numbers. UMNO wants to use the Malays as pawns in their quest to exercise total domination over the country and in the process, cow the non-Malay populace. UMNO’s sway over the Malays must be complete so that they can have free rein over the country. Only then can they freely steal, swindle and pillage. That’s why on December 06, 2011, I blogged about saving the Malays from UMNO. I am not alone in harboring these sentiments. The passage below can serve as an epilogue (to the said article) because it helps explain why the UMNO leadership is so bereft of noble purpose, that they willingly allow themselves to be diseased by corrupting self-interests, that they, in prostituting themselves, have sold their souls to the devil! The remarks by Mariam Mokhtar on February 06, 2012 are telling because they hint of a party that is beyond redemption!

“The emergent Malaysia bred generations of Malay politicians who, when caught with their hands in the public kitty, will do anything to hang on to power.

They continue nonchalantly because they are confident their peers will play along with the charade.

They delight in ‘proving their innocence’ by swearing on the Quran. Some think that by seeking absolution from God, by going on umrahs, they are able to convince the god-fearing public, that the pilgrimage is a testament of their innocence.”

She was referring to the corrupt UMNO ministers, of course! [I will add that others too are just as corrupt – and I am talking about the stooges who are from MCA, MIC, and others].

Even, respected UMNO veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah yesterday said that no government rife with corruption can survive public anger and warned Putrajaya that it may suffer the same fate as ousted regimes in the Arab Spring. Yet, the pilfering, the embezzling and the thieving continue unabated.

Still, I am an optimist! The day will come when these politician criminals will be brought to justice and the heaviest of punishments be administered to them. You and I can make it happen. We can bring change to this country! And that opportunity is coming soon.

Like me, don’t you wish to see our crooked politicians behind bars? The cartoon below is not that far-fetched!

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