Saturday, February 25, 2012

Malaysia's CSI

There is a malicious rumor going round that claims MACC are incompetent and worse, useless. 

Just because they cannot (or some mischievously say, won’t) pin the blame on Shahrizat and her husband and her children doesn’t mean that MACC are not interested to pursue justice. We must be fair. 

It’s not that MACC do not want to take action – they must have solid evidence (not PKR hearsay) before they can haul in this thieving family. The public is very ignorant – it is not as if it is a small amount as in Teoh Beng Hock’s case. In the latter’s case, the sum involved was only RM2,400, and therefore, MACC can wrap the investigation very quickly. 

But for the NFC, we are talking about RM250 million and it is not easy to track down a very big sum of money because the money goes here, there and everywhere! 

We all know that MACC officers would rather watch porn on their computers than to ferret out money that is fast disappearing. I doubt even David Copperfield can make money disappear so fast!

Granted, we are not dealing with 
ordinary folks but the scions of UMNO! Who dares to take the witness stand against Shahrizat and/or her family members? 

Even Najib and Muhyiddin know when to shut their mouths. 

So, no choice lahMACC will have to go down to the ground (i.e. Gemas) to interview every NFC cow to see if any bovine is willing to testify! So please be patient. Y’know cows, kan? They are really slow and worse, stupid! 

But I am positive they know something of the goings-on at the National Feedlot Center – after all, they are all there at the actual location!

At the time of writing, MACC are expending lots of energy and effort, working on the said cows and still trying to locate witness(es). 

I cannot blame these critters because they are really at the mercy of this particular family who is so besotted by untold greed that Shahrizat and her clan will do anything to cover up their tracks! 

I mean, if any of the cows try to be a whistleblower, then they are likely to be sent to the nearest abattoir to be executed!

Dear readers, if you recognize any of the above cows as being in possession of important information that can nail the Shahrizat family, please finger them and inform MACC immediately! 

I am sure MACC can put the cows under protective custody! I think cows are surefooted and so they are unlikely to fall off window ledges accidentally!

This is Malaysia's version of CSI, i.e Cow Scandal Investigations!

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