Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Work in Progress

Check out photos on the progress of the new Sunway University building taken this morning:

Manchester City beat Liverpool 3-0. I may have a copious vocabulary – at least I like to think so – but this time around, I am at a loss for words! I can find no expression to adequately describe my distress and disappointment. Period.

Luis Suarez, by the way, missed this match - he had accepted his suspension prior to the game. The club was damning of the three-man independent commission which found Suárez guilty of abusing MU defender Evra: “It is our strongly held conviction that the Football Association and the panel it selected constructed a highly subjective case against Luis Suárez based on an accusation that was ­ultimately unsubstantiated.

In its determination to prove its conclusions to the public through a clearly subjective 115-page document, the FA panel has damaged the reputation of one of the Premier League’s best players...".

I find this whole issue unsettling because Suarez's accuser, Evra had admitted that he himself used insulting and threatening words towards the former. If Suarez must be punished, so must Evra! Otherwise, where is the fairness?

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