Friday, January 20, 2012

Shahrizat Sues

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In Hubei province, China, there is a bountiful display of 11,000 dishes prepared by more than 10,000 families at a Wuhan event for the upcoming Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner. With so much food, this calls for a collective effort to finish the cuisine at one sitting.

Yesterday, Shahrizat Jalil filed a RM100 million defamation suit against PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli and Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin at the High Court Registry over the NFC claims.

Rafizi responded by saying that he was “more than glad” to go to court as this would allow him to subpoena NFC for company documents which could buttress the party’s claims against Shahrizat and her family.

PKR is already in possession of what it claims to be the NFC’s cash book – obtained through an anonymous whistleblower – which details every transaction made by the company via its primary account.

This suit will assist to uncover more dirt on the scandal-hit NFC and it might serve as an excellent example of UMNO’s avarice. After all, Shahrizat represents UMNO and her husband and three children have been shamelessly helping themselves to taxpayers’ money by rewarding themselves high salaries, purchasing condos and a luxury car, meeting umrah expenses, settling credit card bills and channeling funds to companies in which the family has interests in.

Malaysians wait with anticipation for full disclosure of the matter. And Shahrizat’s suit is the quickest way to reveal more about the family project. Given that the NFC is being buried under mounting evidence that is so against NFC, I venture to suggest that Shahrizat took leave to return to Gemas in order to enlist the cows to come forward to testify. Y’know how stupid cows are – well, Shahrizat needs three weeks to coach these bovines.

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