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1967 Car Reportedly Sold for RM300,000

The 1967 car that was reportedly sold for RM300,000. Image credit:

A blogger, who went by the name of The Whistleblower 711 had on January 10, 2012 alleged that Pengerang MP and also a former UMNO Minister Azalina Othman Said received RM300,000 from Advanced Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd, whose managing director - photo on the left - is Yahya Abdul Jalil. [Yahya has fingers in many pies – e.g. He is treasurer of UMNO Pasir Gudang in Johor and the Managing Director of Gerbang Perdana which was entrusted to build the infamous “crooked” bridge – a Mahathir project that did not get off the ground. He was also fingered in the RM100,00 contributions he made to the Deputy Finance Minister - read my blog posting dated December 27, 2011 titled "Not a bribe, says Awang Adek"].

The blogger posted a photograph of what appeared to be a cheque for the said amount, dated April 07 last year, made out to Azalina herself:

Image credit:
, posted January 10, 2012

Azalina (left) was quick to refute the allegation and even met MACC officers on Monday to give her statement over the blogger’s graft claim. She explained that the cheque was, in fact, a payment for a 1967 Mercedes Benz 280SL which she sold to Yahya – supposedly because the car was too costly to maintain! I have just one question - if indeed, Yahya did buy this clunker, then why did he pay for it using a company cheque?

I raise my eyebrows at this car story – let’s just say it is too hard to swallow. It would be interersting to know the actual purpose of the “contribution” – at this point in time, it is only known between the giver and the receiver. But suffice to say that Yahya must be an extremely wealthy individual – he is after all, an UMNO person – and an uncommonly generous one at that! Hmmm, Yahya, can you make an offer for my car? Please?!

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