Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 'First Lady of Shopping'

One story that is making its relentless rounds is again about Rosmah! It informs that Najib Razak and his wife were on a private visit to Australia. Fashion blogger frockwriter had written – check out the article “Carl Kapp’s couture capers in KL” dated January 17, 2012 at http://frockwriter.blogspot.com/2012/01/carl-kapps-couture-capers-in-kl.html#more – that on December 30 last year, South African-born, Sydney-based designer, Carl Kapp found himself receiving a VIP who introduced herself as "the First Lady of Malaysia", Rosmah Mansor. Having been smitten by Kapp’s collection that she saw at department store David Jones, Rosmah wanted to see more – hence her visit to Kapp’s store in Paddington, Sydney – and thereafter, he was summoned to the penthouse of The Darling Hotel at Pyrmont the following day. [A night’s stay is said to cost anywhere from AUD$15,000-20,000].

There, surrounded by samples, fabric swatches and sketches, Rosmah wound up ordering 61 silk pieces from Kapp's Spring/Summer 2011/2012 and Autumn/Winter 2012 collections. Not being a standard size in Kapp's range and notably, in need of far more modest attire, all of the garments required to be custom-fitted.

Although, Kapp politely declined to mention the size of the order, frockwriter estimated it could be approaching AUD$100,000 (RM325,000) and he was paid upfront. This princely sum was based on the average prices in his collections – which start at AUD$400 and reach several thousand dollars.

This story was reproduced in the ‘Private Sydney’ section of the Australian daily Sydney Morning Herald, where columnist Andrew Horney described Rosmah as the “first lady of shopping”!

It seems that Malaysiakini had contacted the PM’s office for a response – but as far as I know, there has been no reply todate. Will it be like the case of the West Australian newspaper that reported that Najib’s daughter had embarked on an unrestrained shopping spree in Perth and then later it was compelled to issue a correction (i.e. she was not in the said city at the time)? My posting dated November 07, 2011 refers.

Well, this time, Rosmah herself dismissed claims that she spent extravagantly while holidaying in Sydney (Webpage http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/187354
, published January 23, 2012). I think it is grossly unfair that she is always on the receiving end of tall tales from people who are just plain envious of her! What’s wrong with spending her hard-earned savings on luxury stuff? Okay, even if she hasn’t been squirreling money away all these years – what’s wrong if she spends all her hubby’s salary? I am sure he has some other means of income that she must know of – so it is not as if he is going to be a pauper anytime soon! You have to admit that she does look good in stylish togs and Birkin bags and rings that are worth a king’s ransom. If I were Rosmah, I would sue the pants off these spiteful people who bad-mouth her no end! These green-eyed monsters should consider themselves lucky that she is so sweet-natured and even-tempered – if she is the evil Queen (oops, the First Lady!), hmmn, she might just use C4 explosives to blow them up into a million bits of shredded skin and bone fragments!

Still, if there’s one thing I can say about Rosmah is that she can never stay away from the spotlight – she just loves the attention! Lots of it! I don’t think she cares too much whether the stories about her are positive or negative – after all, she is not a politician, merely a politician’s wife! Besides, she knows she might as well enjoy life while she can because her hubby may not keep his Prime Minister job for long!

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