Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Piggish Bankers

UK’s The Telegraph reported yesterday that “disgruntled” bankers will not roll over if their bonuses are deemed too small. Legal experts have warned that an increasing number of bankers were building cases in preparation of lower bonus payouts and were prepared to fight it out at court despite the huge public and shareholder backlash against out-of-control pay.

This explains why the OWS movement persists even until today! These bankers are just plain greedy!

This evening I was at the Sri Damansara Club to attend the Speecom Toastmasters meeting. I had been invited quite some time ago to be the General Evaluator. I was struck by their warm hospitality. Even though there were only twelve participants – four of whom were guests – it was still a decent meeting. Anyway, I expressed the hope that speakers should carefully read their manuals and pay meticulous attention to the speech objectives – otherwise they run the risk of going astray. And this meeting started five minutes late. I would give this meeting a score of four out of a ten.

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