Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MCA Abets Perkasa

A follow-up to Sunday's posting "White Ang Pows from Perkasa". Khoo Kay Peng’s blog Straight Talk today reveals that it is MCA Seputeh division committee member Collin Tiew (left), who had arranged for more than 50 (?) people to attend the Perkasa CNY open house. And in Khoo’s posting, Tiew had made two astonishing claims. First, “he was victimized after he was criticized for playing a part” in the Perkasa event! I believe he meant that he has been scapegoated. He may not be too happy at being singled out, that's why. Second, “he did not know Ibrahim Ali before the event”! This is a blatant lie because anybody who keeps up with current affairs will have known about this firebrand named Ibrahim Ali. “Anybody”, I am sure, would include MCA members since they are very much politically aware.

MCA has been unflinching when attacking DAP for working with PAS – but here we have MCA abetting the racist Perkasa! Please tell me – who is the worst among these two? DAP or MCA?

Now you know why thinking Chinese rejects the good-for-nothing MCA!!!

Celtic remained on course for a domestic treble after beating a brave Falkirk side 3-1 in the Scottish Communities League Cup semi-final on Sunday.

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