Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joke of the Year

Bernama Online reported MCA deputy president and full-time shoe polisher Liow Tiong Lai (left) as saying that voters in Bagan were now “open to accept Barisan Nasional (BN)”, expressing confidence that his party’s chosen candidate would edge out Lim Guan Eng from his Bagan seat in the coming polls. Can somebody please jolt Liow out of his hallucinating state and drag him back to reality? The indisputable fact is that in GE12, Lim defeated MCA’s Song Choy Leng for the said parliamentary seat with a 22,070-vote majority!

Perhaps Liow is suffering from dementia! Let me knock him on the head so that he can remember that Lim also led his party’s state chapter to a historic win in Penang, which was one of the first states to fall into opposition hands during the 2008 political tsunami. Even now, analysts have repeatedly predicted Lim’s tenure would continue after GE13.

Liow should put his money where his big mouth is! Stand against Lim and see who will be wiped out from politics! Even his surname is most unfortunate – ‘Liow’ means ‘finished’.

Of course, now Liow can afford to syiok sendiri because comes GE13, he will be a lost cause, a sad goner, a complete dud, a total failure. Liow is the bare-faced liar who insisted Tung Shin hospital was not attacked during the Bersih 2.0 rally last year.

With people like Liow, MCA is doomed even before polling day! Certainly, he gave us the Joke of the Year!

But it won’t be just Liow delivering his farcical gag. This is just the beginning. I am certain Lim will soon feel the heat from a tidal wave of BN attacks. It is an open secret that Putrajaya wants to distract Lim just like they did to Anwar Ibrahim with ‘sodomy’. BN wants to keep Lim on the defensive and better still, put him under siege in his own state. BN is worried that Lim’s success in Penang will attract attention in other states and voters there might be seduced and won over. BN cannot afford to fail; otherwise, there will be a bountiful abundance of feckless politicians looking for employment post-GE13.

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