Friday, January 13, 2012

Gold Dragon Stamp from Malaysia

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I didn’t know until last night that Pos Malaysia was also wanting to get into the spirit of the Lunar New Year – and so they came out with a very limited edition gold dragon stamp in the form of a Ming Empress robe.

Pos Malaysia Stamp and Philately Unit chief Yasmin Ramli said the collection would be a treat for stamp enthusiasts to commemorate the Year of the Dragon. And so, I hurried to the Stamp Gallery at the General Post Office at KL’s Dayabumi Complex this morning only to discover that the stamps were long gone. I was told that on the date of issue (i.e. January 12, 2012), mammoth crowds whipped themselves into a furious frenzy to get their hands on the said stamps and they were completely sold out within minutes! Needless to say, I was very disappointed!

You would think that Pos Malaysia would be smart enough to know that this type of themed stamps will sell like hot cakes, and they should have produced more but they didn't! Don't they realize that it is not just about ushering in the Lunar New Year but it is also revenue-generating? Why produce in small numbers when the demand will be huge? This is a sure case of demand exceeding supply. Don’t they know that dragons are in for 2012?

Cowgirl Shahrizat is going on three weeks’ leave as MACC probes NFC (The Sun, January 13, 2012, p 01). I don’t understand this woman! Why would she be wanting to take leave at this time? Not unless she’s packing her bags to flee the country? Or perhaps this is Najib’s abject attempt at damage control? Najib is a simpleton if he thinks that just because Shahrizat quietly slips away, the raging rumpus about cows and condos might just die down and Malaysians will soon forget! Not to worry, Najib! I, for one, won’t permit this issue to let slip from memory!

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