Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Dragons Cometh

Not surprisingly, in China, the dragon is everywhere! Particularly when ushering this Lunar New Year:

In Hong Kong, a Chow Tai Fook jewelery store displays a nine-tael 24K gold in the shape of a dragon forming the numerals “2012” symbolizing the upcoming Year of the Dragon.

Image credit: Carlos Barria/Reuters

In downtown Shanghai, a dragon lantern is seen among other Lunar New Year decorations at Yuyuan Garden.

In a Guangzhou park in Guangdong province, a dragon decoration is displayed.

In a Nanjing shopping mall in Jiangsu province,, there is a display of an art piece of a dragon and other Chinese Zodiac figures created by cutting patterns on paper as part of the Lunar New year celebrations.

In Suining, Sichuan province, a dragon-shaped lantern is set up as shown in the above photo taken January 02, 2012.

Even Dubai is not spared of the dragon! I read that there are nearly 200,000 Chinese residents in the UAE, and so the dragon will likewise show itself there too! Burj Al Arab's iconic exterior ‘sail' will be illuminated by a massive red dragon which can be seen from miles away, to welcome the Lunar New Year in grand style!

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