Monday, November 7, 2011

WA Newspaper Retracts Report

The West Australian has retracted on Thursday an October 31, 2011 news report (p 10) accusing Najib Razak’s daughter of splurging some A$60,000 (RM194,000) at a David Jones store in Perth. But this does not adequately explain the photo below that supposedly appeared in the same newspaper. Can somebody, anybody confirm that this photo is also not true?

And what about Rosmah?

Stopping Seksualiti Merdeka is only the first act. Now Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being Minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin warned the Government will take action against groups which organize functions linked to the Seksualiti Merdeka program here. He was alerting the public that this event was not given approval.

“If it is carried out at a business premises, we can seal the premises. If it's held in public, we can take action against the organizers,” he said yesterday (The Star, November 07, 2011, p 4).

This government is nothing but a big bully – what about the 1Malaysia – Rakyat Didahulukan? (English – ‘People First’). It makes a mockery of this cheap slogan. Maybe I didn’t know that there exists a disclaimer – 1Malaysia excludes minorities. It is obvious, is it not?

And another thing. Ambiga Sreenevasan, the Bersih icon has been dragged into this debacle. Some say it's because of her support for Seksualiti Merdeka that the event was especially targeted. Ambiga has been trying to stay above partisan politics but she is naive. Today, in Malaysia - you have to choose sides; you cannot have the cake and eat it! The future of the country is at stake. Either Ambiga is for or against BN - as far as her detractors are concerned, she's with the enemy; some say she is the enemy! And so, there will be people always baying for her blood - welcome to Najib's Malaysia! Get real, Ambiga!

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