Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Voice at Sunway University

Yesterday, in between my classes, I went to hear ‘The Voice’ sharing with students and staff his own experiences in the performance and media industries. ‘The Voice’ is none other than Patrick Teoh (actor, blogger, restauranteer and many other involvements) and he came to Sunway University to let the privileged audience have a peek into his personal world of acting and voice-overs. The venue was at Level 4’s Rooftop Theater and even though I couldn’t stay for the whole duration of his “dialogue”, I was still thrilled to bits. This event was organized by the March 2010 intake students from the Department of Performance + Media, specifically Shanice See (second right), Alvin Ong (far left) and Lee Kien Fei (far right) - see photo below.

Thanks also for sharing the photos below:

For those really wanting to know how to excel in English, here's a tip from Patrick Teoh himself! From young until he was 24 years old, his daily routine was watching a movie a day and he learned to speak English by watching actors such as John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Henry Fonda and James Stewart. And his personal record was watching 6 movies in a single day! Go try it!

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