Thursday, November 17, 2011


On Wednesday, my MKT1014 students from Tutorial Group 5 arranged to take a class photo. Err… they also came bearing troll images. Wong Weng Wai was suggesting web trolls, I believe and as for me, I look at them as simply the fearsome members of a mythical race from Scandinavia. Yup, those in this class are awesome in a fearsome-inspiring way! It's true, my MKT1014 students are really cool! Way to go, people!

Machang MP Saifuddin Nasution yesterday revealed that the NFC gave RM26,400 to Shahrizat for expenses in 2008 and donated cattle to Works Minister Shaziman Mansor and a “YB Yunus” the following year. NFC has been freely using taxpayers’ funds to benefit others! What are we paying Shahrizat for, may I ask? Maybe, she needed dough and her caring family helped themselves to NFC finances to “help” her. And their kindness to their UMNO friends is deeply touching. It illustrates a simple fact of life – that it is easy to be generous to others when we are not using our own capital! To put this, plain and simple, this is theft! And now we know how easy it is to spirit away wealth belonging to the people – just elect corrupt politicians so that they can form a government that will happily pilfer, plunder and purloin. Once they get their hands on our cash, it will be spent any way they wish. It is like stealing acorns from a blind pig!

As these acts of thievery continue to unravel, I shudder to think what else have they done with our money? NFC is but one of many cash cows that has been ravenously looted.

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