Monday, November 7, 2011

Tony Fernandes Craps Again

Deputy Transport Minister Jelaing Mersat has revealed to Parliament on Thursday that Putrajaya paid RM249 million to AirAsia subsidy, Fly Asian Xpress (FAX) to operate the Rural Air Services (RAS) flights to rural communities in East Malaysia – between August 2006 and September 2007 – after which the service was handed back to flag carrier Malaysia Airlines (MAS) – as reporterd in The Malaysian Insider on Sunday.

Not surprisingly, Tony Fernandes denied that AirAsia benefited from the federal subsidies paid to FAX in his blogpost on Saturday. But in the same breath, he did acknowledge that “the shareholders of FAX were similar to AirAsia Berhad”! (Blogpage, posted November 05, 2011). What crap is Fernandes talking about? When you are a BN crony, you get to harvest the rewards at the Malaysian taxpayers’ expense!

I came across this brief piece in UK's Daily Express that identified Glasgow and Edinburgh and also Liverpool as being voted among the top 10 UK nightlife destinations. This was the outcome of a TripAdvisor survey of bars, clubs and restaurants (Webpage, published November 03, 2011). I really should make a return visit to Glasgow!

It was a game that Celtic must win against Motherwell because the latter sat second in the SPL table and the former third. But it was Motherwell striker Michael Higdon who headed the home side intot he lead in the 11th minute from a Tom Hateley cross, with the Celtic defense maybe looking for offside. Three minutes later however, Celtic were level when Anthony Stokes volleyed in at the back post after Georgios Samaras had flicked on a Kris COmmons' corner. Gary Hooper who had come on for Commons gave Celtic the winner when he tapped in a Stoke cross (79). With this 2-1 victory, Celtic go second place in the Scottish Premier League.

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