Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shahrizat To Address NFC Issue

Finally, on Monday, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil crawled out of the woodwork and said that she will address the NFC issue during UMNO’s general assembly this week, even though it has “nothing to do with me”! She is telling us that we can blame her darling husband and her adoring children; that really it is their business, not hers; that after all, she is not involved in NFC! Wow, the nerve of this woman! A true blue politician. If she is pushed into a corner – I bet you, she will even disown her family!

But Shahrizat cannot be hiding forever and so, faced with increasing public pressure, she knows she will finally have to come clean – although I very much doubt whether she will admit to anything.

I am wondering why she is using the Wanita UMNO platform to broach on the NFC subject. I don’t get it! She has a duty to explain the issue to all Malaysians and not only Wanita UMNO members. The NFC money belongs to us and not just her party members. This is the biggest problem with these UMNO rapscallions – they always seem to think that the public coffers is their personal piggy bank; that they can take whatever amount they want whenever they want it; that they have the sacrosanct right to the money as opposed to
other Malaysians.

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