Tuesday, November 15, 2011

R.I.P Mr Jeff

I first heard about this news yesterday – somebody mentioned about it in passing. I can’t recall who said that. Then I read yesterday’s Star (p 04) this morning that a former colleague and lecturer from Sunway College Kuala Lumpur, Jean-Francois Pelland and fondly known as “Mr Jeff” had died of gunshot wounds in Egypt. The 34-year-old Canadian who had taught in the college’s Canadian International Matriculation Program (CIMP) for two years until July this year – is with Cairo’s British Columbia Canadian International School since August. Pelland died on Friday, two days after Al-Samata tribesmen shot him in the chest while he was transversing Egypt during the school's Eid break.

It was only when I saw his photos that I remembered him. He was the dance partner of ADTP’s Meltida John at the SUN-U staff dinner last October 29, 2011. Thanks, Metilda for sharing the photos:

Paying his respects to his former colleague, CIMP program director John Futa described him as a “leader among the teachers we had here”. I didn't know him but he was one smooth dancer.

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