Sunday, November 20, 2011

Police Brutality

Image credit: Jon Tayler

NYPD cracked down on OWS protesters near the New York Stock Exchange on the November 17 Day of Action in NYC. The above photo is yet another example of police brutality.

Image credit: Wayne Tilcock of

At the University of California at Davis on Friday, police again showcased their viciousness. The calm and collected manner in which Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis Police walked down a line of protestors seated quietly on the ground in an act of nonviolent civil disobedience and pepper-sprayed them all at very close range is both ruthless and bestial. It was as if he was dousing a row of bugs with insecticide.

Ten people in this particular scene were arrested, nine of whom were current UC Davis students. At least one woman was reported to have been taken away in an ambulance with chemical burns.

Looks like the police have embraced fascism and become the defenders of the 1%. There is no option but to dismantle the global financial system that is already plagued by avarice and rapacity. We must curb the financiers, bankers and the others who are exploiting the 99%.

In the SPL, Anothony Stokes scored two second-half goals to give Celtic victory against Inverness on Saturday. The first goal came when Stokes finished off a neat passing move involving James Forrest and Gary Hooper (61). And the second goal came when the striker volleyed in from an acute angle (72) to wrap up the points.

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