Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MCA Poppycock

MCA central committee member, Ei Kim Hock (left), told the parliamentary election reform panel on Friday that Malaysians living abroad were unqualified to vote as they were “out of touch” with the country’s current affairs. I was livid when I read this piece of crap from an MCA member! I spent four years studying in the UK and during that period, I have kept in touch with the Malaysian Students Department as well as voraciously reading Malaysian newspapers – as a sure way to keep in touch with Malaysian affairs. Today, Malaysians abroad are no different. In fact, with the Internet, they have more access to information than ever before, and almost instantly at that. If anybody is "out of touch", it can only be the MCA - a political party whose shelf-life has expired; a clique of apple polishers and bootlickers; a cabal of self-serving Chinese brought together by UMNO to serve the latter's interests.

But I suspect it is not about that. These MCA snollygosters are plainly worried that Malaysians abroad “received information from dubious sources which may not paint a true picture of the situation here”. If we strip away this feigned veneer of ‘doublespeak’, what this person was really trying to say is that these Malaysians will be fed with news from the alternative media; bulletins that will certainly contradict those spun by mainstream news sources. Then, who do you think these people will believe? Definitely, not the stuff churned out by the BN propaganda machines. Besides, how many ‘feel-good’ stories about Najib and the others can you take at one go without you violently throwing up yesterday’s meal?

When stupidity descends over imbeciles like Ei, then all is lost. Even when Chua Soi Lek (left) chastised his stooge for his improper explanation and clarified that MCA opposed overseas voting because of the “logistical nightmare” and resources needed for its success – Chua is only replacing one inanity with another.

Of course, I found his explanation just as insulting – it really doesn’t matter what sorry excuse Ei or Chua gave – because it is clear that they harbor this diaphanous intention to expunge Malaysians’ constitutional right to vote. Maybe they already knew that overseas Malaysians are not likely to vote for BN because they are smarter?

I am of the view that if you do not have something sensible to say, then it is wise to shut up. But Chua being a typical philodox, had erroneously thought he was cleverer than Ei and he gave us his thoughts that are dripping with pleinosis. I say this because already, the EC allows government servants, members of armed forces and full-time students to register as absent voters, so as to be entitled to vote by post at the next election (The Sun, November 15, 2011, p 04). Is it so difficult to bring every other Malaysian into their embrace? Otherwise, those Malaysian citizens living overseas and who are working in the private sector as well as those who are retired or unemployed, are required to return to Malaysia to vote in person – which is a ridiculous situation to begin with.

A government that is against a free, fair and inclusive vote is afraid to confront the truths: That Malaysians are weary of the bullshit that our BN politicians dish out to us on a daily basis; that we have had enough of the claptrap, the crookedness and the corruption that is smothering this country; and that we now demand a complete overhaul of the government!

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