Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mat Rempits in Penang Protest

Strange things are happening in Penang since Lim Guan Eng came to power. Most of them are positives for Penang but on Monday, I read in the news that 200 Mat Rempits (for those not familiar with this term – Mat Rempits are illegal street racers riding on Kapcais or small motorcycles usually between 70cc to 110cc) staged a protest against the Chief Minister!

This noisy mob of motorcyclists first gathered at Penang Road at 12.30 PM before pushing their racers towards Komtar. Only then did the police move in to disperse this illegal gathering but the latter still made their way to the state assembly building where five motorcyclists were finally arrested. These Mat Rempits were demonstrating against Lim Guan Eng branding him a racist (“LGE Rasis”) and even attempted to show to the public at large that they are becoming a brave force for political and social change by clamoring to save Penang (“Selamatkan Pulau Pinang“) – presumably from LGE and his state apparatus who have helped to give a new shine to the Pearl of the Orient. And while they were at it, they also demanded a Mat Rempit race track (which shows that they can think because they now know they have been a public nuisance on our roads and they actually value their lives too!)

Okay, I can look at it from two perspectives. The positive is that this demo had a redeeming feature. Somebody in the organizing committee must have had a dark sense of humor because the Mat Rempits came duly uniformed in YELLOW!!! The negative is that they caused traffic to come to a standstill during lunch hour – this is often cited as the reason why demos are not allowed because they are disruptive!

Penangites are not stupid! To continuously attack Lim Guan Eng using a myriad of fictional issues and mobilizing social misfits (i.e. Mat Rempits) to vent their imaginary unhappiness will only solicit even more support for LGE.

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Frankie said...

The police allowed illegal Mat Rempits to stage a street protest while disallowing Bersih 2.0 from doing the same. It therefore surmises the police and Homo Minister have legalized the illegal Mat Rempits. No wonder the police and the Homo Minister have lost all credibility. Wait a minute, the police and the Homo beer drinking Minister have no credibility to start off with anyway.