Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mahathir's Dementia

On Monday, the deranged Mahathir Mohamad proclaimed that too much freedom will destroy society, and saying that civil freedom should have its limits. Again, this schizo is advertising his dementia for all to see.

Of course, he is against freedom! This is common knowledge. This is, after all, the shameless man who launched Operation Lalang on October 17, 1987 and cracking down on social activists, church leaders and opposition leaders!

The flagitious exploit saw the indecent arrest of 106 persons under the ISA and the revoking of the publishing licences of English daily The Star, Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily and the now defunct Malay weekly Watan. [They were given back their publishing permits about six months later].

Among the prominent personalities arrested during Operation Lalang were the then Opposition Leader and DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, his son Guan Eng, DAP strongmen Karpal Singh and the late P. Patto, trade unionist and DAP strongman the late V. David, the then PAS Youth secretary Khaled Abu Samad, Brother Anthony Rogers of the Catholic Church, university lecturer and pastor Dr Poh Boon Sing, religious teacher Jamaluddin Othman, the then Penang PAS Youth chief Mohamad Sabu, and Christian social activist Lim Chin Chin.

Mahathir has reminded us in timely fashion that we should not take freedom lightly! He has jogged our collective memory that he represents the oppression of the masses, the curtailment of democracy, the silencing of righteous voices. Mahathir is a bully. A tyrant. A despot.

As Malaysians and as citizens, we have rights. I certainly can’t recall ever surrendering my rights to any politician, least of all Mahathir and/or Najib!

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